The Mistakes DIYers Can Do for Plumbing by Oahu Plumbing

Oahu Plumbing

When you are facing some Oahu plumbing issues, you may think at first to fix them without the help of professionals. You can do some of the fixings with some tools, like tightening the screw or gas pipe. But it is not possible for all of the plumbing troubles. There are two reasons behind that. One, you don’t have all the necessary tools, and number two, you are not an expert, so you lack experience. The mistakes you can make as a DIY plumber are:

Overtightening Connections

As I said, you may tighten some connections. But you don’t know how tight you should do them. The things that may suffer from over tightening are- pipes, supply tubes, toilet bolts, and fittings. You may harm the pipe, tee, elbow, or coupling if you put too much pressure on them. Thus, the fittings may stop working and damage them permanently. The same will happen because of over-tightening in the toilet, rubber fittings, and the supply tubes. If you over-tighten the hex nuts for the supply tube, they will ultimately start to leak. Besides, for the same reason, the toilet closet bolts, and tank may break and make your toilet fail.

Wrong Use of The Drain Cleaner 

As the DIYers will not know about the system to unclog a drain. They will use the liquid drain cleaner instead of the barbed drain cleaning tool or the snake. To unclog the drain, you may also pour your blockage out by removing the P-trap. The drain cleaning has a definite amount to use. But if you don’t have ideas about it, you will use more or less than the required amount. But the fact is, it will harm your system more if you cannot remove a clog with it, which is very much possible. Such as, you will have to call later the plumber, who will have to fill the trump arm with a corrosive drain cleaner to fix it. The liquid drain cleaner will be the reason behind corroding your pipes or metal traps if you use too much of the drain cleaner. It will create a leak at last.

Improper Use of Tape 

The tape is an essential part of the plumbing. In many cases, it needs to wrap things with tapes. Wrapping the tape clockwise is the proper way. But you won’t know it, which is typical for DIYers. The Teflon tape or PTFE thread tape plumbers use for wrapping. If you wrap it backward, the tape will unwind when you tighten something. As the threads unfold from the thread, they will not stick to it.

Lack Of the Plumbing Tools 

Only the professional plumbers will have all the essential tools for fixing any kinds of plumbing troubles. But if you want to go for any DIY project, surely you will not buy all of them spending a lot of money. You will use one tool instead of others, which will more or less harm the plumbing system.

Absence Of the Required Spared Parts 

Suppose you need to repair your faucet. But you don’t know which tool you should use. You will buy or collect a washer or cartridge to fix the faucet. The consequence will be you will have your leaky faucet earlier. You will require either part to reassemble the pieces and disassemble them. You will have to purchase them. But how will you do it if you don’t have ideas about the parts you need? It is an example of one thing only. The same applies to all kinds of repair and installation issues.

Pressurize The Knob 

The toilet and sink shut-off valve may seize if you don’t use them for a long time. But if you pressurize the knob to make the knob turn on, it will not work. They may break too along with the valve stem. It will be impossible then to turn it on. You must remove the stem and use a wrench to turn the knob. After tightening it, check if there is any leak or not.

Keeping The Water Running 

You will keep the water on as a DIYer while replacing the valve. The running water will flood your place if you don’t connect the faucet or valve. It may cost you the damage equal to one thousand dollars. But you need a few minutes to shut off the valve. The professional plumbers shut off the water and then started to work.

Last Words

The experienced Honolulu plumbers will never make any mistakes that can damage your plumbing system severely. As you don’t have any training or experience in plumbing, so you are prone to make more mistakes. To avoid these, let the experts handle your plumbing issues and make your life comfortable again! Learn more keep in touch.