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This section of the website will be updated throughout the project to provide users with an approximate two-week preview of upcoming construction and changes to the way in which drivers experience moving through the project area. Unforeseen emergencies or weather events may have an impact on the schedule.  This brief video provides a general sense of how the project will be constructed.  The timeline shown in the film should be considered to be approximate.  A general timeline of the project is also provided to give users a sense of how the job will unfold between now and 2016.

During the spring of 2014, there will be periodic lane closures to facilitate the installation of utilities. Lane closures will take place outside of peak commuting periods and will not have an impact on MBTA ferry operations. Additional updates regarding lane closures will be made available through this website. You may also wish to join our stakeholder database to receive project information.  A project hotline (617-504-2924) is available for members of the community with an immediate question or concern about a specific construction activity at the Fore River site. This telephone number is staffed whenever construction activities are in progress.  

Third Shift Status

The job is currently operating on its normal 7:00AM to 11:00PM working schedule. As has been stated in public information meetings and on this website, a third shift which puts the job into 24-hour operation is sometimes a project requirement. For more information about third shifts, please check this website or sign up for project emails.

Construction Underway

Over the next several weeks, work will continue on the Fore River Bridge Replacement Project with installation of the permanent bridge foundation components moving ahead. At the Weymouth tower, the focus of work continues to be on the tower's plinths with the north side plinth curing and the south side being prepared to receive concrete. On the Quincy side of the river, the north plinth is complete and work on the south plinth is approaching completion. Substantial progress has also been made on the Quincy dolphin.  Within the next several weeks, preparations in the Fore River Shipyard will begin for deliveries of steel components associated with the bridge's lifting span.

Motorists are reminded that temporary work zones have been established on the North and South Frontage Road around the Quincy approach ramp. Traffic impacts will be minimal and Frontage Road access will be facilitated by Quincy police details. The Frontage Road work zones will allow excavation for footing extensions followed by the installation of rebar dowels and eventually the widening of the footing which supports the Quincy approach ramp wing walls.

Area residents are reminded that worker parking has been provided at 40 Cleverly Court, in the Fore River shipyard or elsewhere within the MassDOT right-of-way or easements.  As such, worker parking will not impact public streets now or at any point during the project.

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The photograph at right shows the progress made at the Weymouth tower location. To the left of the temporary trestle, viewers can see the concrete of the north plinth under wraps to keep it warm while it cures. To the right of the trestle, the south plinth's precast concrete box is in place and is being readied for reinforcing steel and concrete placements.


Weymouth Tower Location


On the Quincy side of the river, progress is also ongoing at the new bridge's opposite tower. The north plinth has been completed and work is underway for the third and final concrete lift associated with the south plinth. At the right side of the photograph, viewers can see 46 of 114 sheets which will ultimately compose the Quincy tower's north dolphin. When complete, the dolphins will protect the bridge's towers from impacts by marine traffic.



Quincy tower location

The current phase of work includes the installation of new drilled shafts for the replacement bridge's approach spans and construction of the pier caps and plinths for the bridge's towers. In addition to the information provided on this page, the project team has provided a 3-week schedule for the period from March 19th to April 11th. Users are reminded that this schedule is meant to be a flexible planning document and is subject to change based on: job site conditions, delivery schedules, ongoing design efforts, and conditions beyond the control of the project team such as extreme weather.

As the job progresses, and larger permanent bridge components continue arriving at the site, the project team expects to take advantage of deliveries by water and rail to help minimize neighborhood and traffic impacts.  However, some materials are arriving at the work site on trucks.  These vehicles will travel via Route 3, and depending on the time of day Howard Street, East Howard Street, and South Street or Union Street, Quincy Avenue and East Howard Street to Route 3A. This is the only anticipated traffic impact associated with this phase of construction.  If you believe that you have seen an off-route truck, please call the project hotline at 617-504-2924. We ask that you have the truck's license number so that we may identify if it is associated with this job.

Motorists are reminded that partial closures of the temporary bridge associated with the structure's maintenance will continue throughout the construction period, but are independent of the construction process.

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