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This section of the website will be updated throughout the project to provide users with an approximate two-week preview of upcoming construction and changes to the way in which drivers experience moving through the project area. Unforeseen emergencies or weather events may have an impact on the schedule.  A general timeline of the project is also provided to give users a sense of how the job will unfold between now and 2016.

A project hotline (617-504-2924) is available for members of the community with an immediate question or concern about a specific construction activity at the Fore River site. This telephone number is staffed whenever construction activities are in progress.  

Third Shift Status

The project will run a third shift from Monday, November 6, 2017 to Friday, November 17, 2017. Night shifts will run Monday to Friday, excluding weekends. Lane striping and other pavement markings will be applied during these night shifts. Work is weather dependent and will not take place in rain.

Construction Underway - Week of October 23, 2017

Over the next several weeks, operations at the Fore River site will focus on milling and paving within the project limits of work. This involves removing and replacing the top layer of pavement and its replacement with a new riding surface. During this operation, the height of utility castings will be adjusted to meet the new pavement level. Milling and paving will take place during the night shift (7PM-5AM) with utility castings adjusting during the daytime (7AM-3:30PM) shift. This operation is anticipated to run as follows:

  • For the Quincy Approach from Cleverly Court to the Quincy Rotary:
    • Mill existing pavement- October 23rd and 24th.
    • Adjust utility castings - October 24th through October 27th.
    • Place new pavement - October 30th and 31st.
  • For the Weymouth Approach from Evans Street to Monatiquot Street:
    • Mill existing pavement- October 24th and 25th.
    • Adjust utility castings - October 25th through October 31st.
    • Place new pavement - November 1st and 2nd.

Description To enlarge, click on the picture

The photograph at right shows the current view of the approach to the Fore River Bridge from Weymouth. At left, traffic is traveling a single lane in each direction over what will eventually become the two westbound lanes towards Boston. Moving the right are the future eastbound lanes and the old temporary bridge, currently being dismantled.


Weymouth Approach 9-7-17


Looking along Route 3A into Quincy shows traffic traveling in a single lane in each direction over the two future westbound lanes. To the left are the future eastbound lanes and the old temporary bridge already disconnected from the Quincy approach.


Quincy Approach 9-7-17



Here, traffic travels over the river on the new bridge.


Lift Span 9-7-17


As the job continues towards completion, some materials continue to arrive at the work site on trucks.  These vehicles will travel via Route 3, and depending on the time of day Howard Street, East Howard Street, and South Street or Union Street, Quincy Avenue and East Howard Street to Route 3A. This is the only anticipated traffic impact associated with this phase of construction.  If you believe that you have seen an off-route truck, please call the project hotline at 617-504-2924. We ask that you have the truck's license number so that we may identify if it is associated with this job. Parking for workers is provided at 40 Cleverly Court, in the Fore River Shipyard, or elsewhere within the MassDOT right-of-way. As such, worker parking will not impact public streets during the project.

Motorists are reminded that partial closures of the temporary bridge associated with the structure's maintenance will continue throughout the construction period, but are independent of the construction process.

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