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Welcome and thank you for visiting the project website for the Fore River Bridge Replacement Project. The project is underway with final design complete. This project began in fall 2012 and White-Skanska-Koch, a design/build team, under the direction of MassDOT, anticipates completing work in 2018 which involves the replacement of the current temporary Fore River Bridge with a new, permanent, steel vertical lift bridge.

Project Working Hours

Beginning on June 2nd, the project will move to working 2, 10-hour shifts, Monday to Saturday. This change will help speed up the transition from the current temporary bridge to its permanent replacement and lessen the traffic impacts associated with this work. For more information, please see below in "Construction Underway."

Construction Underway - Transitioning to the Permanent Bridge

As of Thursday, August 31st, all traffic is on the new, permanent Fore River Bridge. Efforts to dismantle the old temporary bridge is underway and on schedule. Drivers should anticipate the following:

  • Between August 31st and mid-September 2017: there will be one lane of traffic in each direction on the new, permanent Fore River Bridge. Demolition of the temporary bridge will continue during this time.
  • After mid-September 2017: all four lanes of traffic will open on the new bridge. This represents an improvement of several weeks over the initially planned October 1st, 2017 anticipated date for this condition.

Construction Underway - Traffic Impacts

Through its public involvement process, MassDOT has learned that the most likely alternate route for those familiar with the Quincy/Weymouth area and seeking to avoid the Fore River Bridge is via the Southern Artery, Quincy Avenue, Commercial Street, and North Street. The agency and its project team are aware that this will send traffic through the already busy Weymouth Landing. To keep traffic moving, the project team has already or will before June 2nd, 2017, undertake the following steps:

  • Made physical or signal timing changes at intersections along the most likely alternate route.
  • Coordinated with the Towns of Braintree and Weymouth and the City of Quincy to provide police details to keep traffic moving along the most likely alternate route.
  • Placed changable message boards at points along 3A to the north and south of the bridge indicating points at which drivers can divert to large, regional roads like Route 3, and travel times over the bridge.

As of the week of May 8th, construction for the new Fore River Bridge is ongoing. Learn more on our progress reporting page.

Replacement of the Fore River Bridge is a signature project of the Commonwealth's historic Accelerated Bridge Program. The replacement bridge will carry Route 3A, known as Washington Street in Quincy and Bridge Street in Weymouth, over the Fore River.

The project team invites you to peruse the website, discover more about the project; browse the materials developed to support the public involvement process or contact the project's public involvement specialist.

If you have immediate questions or concerns regarding a specific construction activity at the Fore River Bridge site please follow this link for contact information.

Accommodating All Users During Construction

MassDOT understands the importance of the Fore River Bridge to the Route 3A corridor. During much of construction, the temporary bridge can be kept open at full capacity, limiting impacts to commuters and abutters. Any reductions in capacity will take place with significant advanced notice through the methods outlined above and in coordination with the City of Quincy, Town of Weymouth, and MBTA which operates a bus route over the bridge and ferry service beneath it. Access to adjacent businesses will be maintained throughout construction. We urge you to visit the websites of the Quincy Chamber of Commerce and South Shore Chamber of Commerce to learn more about the many businesses near the bridge that will remain open throughout construction.

The agency and its design/build team are also well aware of the Fore River's important role as a working river and will coordinate with the United States Coast Guard and the marine units of Quincy and Weymouth to ensure that waterborne traffic continues to move smoothly throughout the construction process.

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